Building Your Own Web-Page

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Step 1: Choosing a web-address so that people can find you

It is important to have an address so that people can find you, in the internet this is called a web-address. For example, the address for this web-page is www.webhostinghints.co.uk. This is nearly always provided by the web-host though you can buy web-domains independently at a relatively small price.
Did you know that some domain names (which only cost a few pounds to buy) can raise millions of pounds in auctions. It can be a bit like buying an antique - if someone else wants it they might offer a lot of money to buy it off you...

Search for an appropriate address in the box below...if you are lucky you might find a high quality one available to sell on...

Step 2: Choosing a web-host to store and look after your web-page

The key to most people when developing a web-page is to find a reputable and cost-effective web-host. In layman's terms this is simply a company who will provide you with a place to store your web-page and quite possibly user friendly software to allow you to readily develop your own web-page without needing any technical knowledge. You can imagine a web-host like an online hard-drive. You place the files which you want people to be able to see on this online hard-drive and the web-host then allow people to safely and securely access these files. They also ensure your files are backed up regularly and that the servers (the online hard-drives) run quicly enough to ensure the online experience is effective.
An analogy: If you imagine building a house, first you need to buy the land. This is the equivalent of buying into a web-package through a web-host so you need to consider just how much 'land' you may need. A web-host will offer different packages. It would normally be advisable to go for one of the cheaper options to begin with - as your web-page grows you can upgrade as necessary. This should only set you back a few pounds each month.

Streamline.net provides a range of different services and have reliable servers and prompt customer service. Their cheapest web-hostage package is only £2.40 a month (including VAT). Clicking the banner below will take you to their web-page.

Streamline.Net - 100,000 sites hosted, join the revolution! - The home of good value web hosting

123-Reg.co.uk are a large and well established company with a strong range of packages to help you build your own web-page irrespective of your level of expertise. Even a beginner can have a web-page up and running in minutes. Clicking below takes you to their web-page.

web hosting

How do you build your web-page?

Continuing the analogy of building a house, you then either build your house from scratch OR you can place a ready made property on the land customised to your needs. Many web-hosts provide templates and software which allow you to rapidly and easily customise your personalised web-page to appear exactly as you want it often at little OR no extra cost.
Click below to explore an example of a mid-range web-site builder which costs from £5 a month
build a website
With the right web-host ANYONE can quickly and easily develop an exciting interactive web-page to impress friends or clients.
Below are a selection of resources you may wish to consider perusing/exploring to improve your web-page design.


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